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Instalación del proyecto de arte en la casa club Louis Sutter Roundhouse en el parque McLaren.


Nuestro agradecimiento a todos y cada uno de los patrocinadores de los peces de cerámica que serán instalados en la casa club Louis Sutter Roundhouse!  Sus donaciones asegurarán que la instalación de este proyecto de arte se mantenga intacto por años para que todos lo podamos disfrutar.

Simon Thorpe
Raymond Quesada
Please list donation to Quesada Family. 
Brad Straw
Kitty O'Connor
Katherine Kodama
Claire Trepanier
Dorothy Anderson
Marissa Currie
Thomas Saiget
On behalf of the Saiget Family
Birgit Cory
Jeanne Crawford
Amy Cohen
I’ve sponsored a fish tile in your honor!
Sigrid Irias
Christina Wenger
Thank you, Dad, for teaching others to fish. I think of you each time I pass the roundhouse. I love and appreciate you. Happy birthday. --Christina
Kate Connell & Oscar-Melara
Such a great project! Congratulations to all who brought the fish project to completion.
James Francisco
Amy Davidson
Nadia Danilovich
Alex Hobbs
Beautiful project, thank you 
Karen Tsai
Nikolai Leung
For my beloved kuya who continues to keep bringing people together…
Brett LaSota
Faith was a wonderful neighbor here on Felton Street. She Grew up at 1543 Felton Street in the Portola, moved away for many years and then returned here later in her life and built a house at 1539 Felton Street on what had been her mother's garden. Faith enjoyed gardening and was a talented artist.  If she were still around I'm sure we would be talking about this project and I know she would like it.
Herbert Anderson
Barbara Bhachu
Joan Loeffler
Michele Sullivan
Serrano Family
Happy to contribute to this great cause!
Steven Gee
Kirsten Selberg
Restani Family
Debi Fernandez
Patricia Maffei
Maryanne Razzo
Love this incredibly beautiful art.  Go Lowell.
Courtney Masterson
Declan Masterson
Brad Straw
Ruth Wallace
Sigrid Irias
Daniel Flores
A huge thanks to Chuck, Trilce, Hudson Lanier, Simon Thorpe, and all the dedicated HMP volunteers. Our city is a better place to live because of you. 
Charles Farrugia
Can't wait to see the finish work and celebrate toegther June 24th!!
Tanya Slesnick
Thank you for all your support over the years. Golden Gate Pickleball Club
Linda Litehiser
Wellington Chen
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