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Louis Sutter Roundhouse

Art Installation by Hudson Lanier - 2023

To beautify the McNab Lake area in McLaren Park, Help McLaren Park collaborated with San Francisco artist Hudson Lanier who installed 350 ceramic fish on the Louis Sutter Roundhouse in McLaren park in Spring 2023.

About the installation

In 2022, Help McLaren Park group secured a San Francisco Community Challenge Grant to work with local artist Hudson Lanier to brighten up the roundhouse at Louis Sutter playground.

Three hundred and fifty ceramic fish were then installed on the building. The fish serve to delight and educate young and old, reminding them that there are living creatures in the park for whose care and protection all park users share a responsibility. 



Simon Thorpe
Raymond Quesada
Brad Straw
Kitty O'Connor
Katherine Kodama
Claire Trepanier
Dorothy Anderson
Marissa Currie
Thomas Saiget
Birgit Cory
Jeanne Crawford
Amy Cohen
Sigrid Irias
Christina Wenger
Kate Connell & Oscar-Melara
James Francisco
Amy Davidson
Nadia Danilovich
Alex Hobbs
Karen Tsai
Nikolai Leung
Brett LaSota
Herbert Anderson
Barbara Bhachu
Joan Loeffler
Michele Sullivan
Serrano Family
Steven Gee
Kirsten Selberg
Restani Family
Debi Fernandez
Patricia Maffei
Maryanne Razzo
Courtney Masterson
Declan Masterson
Brad Straw
Ruth Wallace
Sigrid Irias
Daniel Flores
Charles Farrugia
Tanya Slesnick
Linda Litehiser
Wellington Chen

Fish support

To support this project, we invited the community to sponsor a fish. The contributions ensure San Francisco’s McLaren Park continues to be a place of beauty for all.

All money from sponsorships will go towards maintaining the installation over the years and ensuring this wonderful piece of art always looks its best.

Hudson Lanier

Born and raised in San Francisco, Lanier graduated from Lowell High and majored in Architecture at the University of Oregon.


As a young man, Lanier assisted his mother, artist Ruth Asawa, in the installation of several of her pieces, including the Andrea mermaid at Ghirardelli Square and the San Francisco Fountain off Union Square. An avid fisherman, Lanier's ceramic fish represent fish he has caught over the years.


Project supported by:

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